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“What would I do if I were in that situation?”


The moral or ethical dilemma. We face them every day. Some are more momentous than others, but the age old question always arises: “Do what is right, or do what is safe and easy?”


Through my work, I explore and resonate with characters whose moral code places them between a rock and a hard place. They find themselves torn between allegiances, torn between love and loyalty, and after a struggle they will eventually choose what is morally right, even it leads to their own demise. Bonus points if that character is elite, or one of the best in his field.

*Note: Most action heroes fall into this category...hint, hint.  ;)


Coming to NYC from a small Pennsylvania town where sports reigned supreme and men don’t show emotion, I might as well have come from a different planet. As a shy and sheltered kid who never even considered acting until  my twenties, I stepped into my first acting class and saw these incredible artists do things that absolutely blew my unsuspecting mind. It was dangerous, unencumbered, primal, and to me, utterly terrifying. Subconsciously, I knew that if it scared me that much, it was exactly what I needed. I knew it would be hard, but I didn't have a choice, because I needed to be an actor. And within a few short months, I got the police called on the class for what a well-meaning passerby mistook as a domestic disturbance.

True Story.


I’m not a prodigy. I didn’t grow up in the arts. But I fell deeply in love with the craft and the exploration of humanity, and I got to work because I needed to. And because just like the characters so close to my heart, I’m not one to take the easy way out.

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Nolé Marin


New York, NY

Muse Models NYC

150 Broadway #1101

New York, NY 10038

Tel: 212-625-2356

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